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Welcome to Brits Protection Security LTD.

                                         I am proud to be the CEO 

Security is an essential part of my life.

Being able to bring protection to others, to allow for them to be at ease, brings me satisfaction.

During my Thirteen years experience within Security. I noticed an opportunity to provide High Level Security at the right  price.

Security is an essential part of life, but It comes at a cost.

You should never be worried about how much it cost to protect yourself.

Life is precious !!!!

"It is better, to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared."

Theses are the words I live by.

My company and the security I will provide, will be prepared for every possible outcome to ensure you as the guest are never effected by the events and at the forefront feel Protected and safe at all times.

From Close Protection to door Security we provide it all.

Our Client Database is full of high profile clients, as you will see from our event history. 

For many years I have personally worked alongside the Metropolitan Police force as well as interantionally with high profile Artists and Royalty to ensure the highest Level of security is achieved and sustained.

Eagerly looking to the future, for our next new Client.!!

Could that be you?

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Want to join our team?


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